mark ballas chelsea kane dwts week 2 'Dancing With The Stars' recap: Full Time DancerLast week, the new round of contestants all performed for the first time. Some (Kirstie Alley, Ralph Macchio) did great! Some (Wendy Williams, Mike Catherwood) did not do well! Tonight, they get to dance one more time before the first elimination tomorrow night. Watching the opening credits, I’m realizing that I forgot some of these people were even on the show in the past week. Like Chelsea Kane? And Hines Ward? And they did well, from what I remember.

Tom and Brooke introduce the couples as they walk down the staircase. This is such a time killer, especially in the early days when there are a million couples. Once everyone is down the stairs and lined up and mugging for the camera, Tom and Brooke do an introduction that’s mostly nonsense, while I keep staring at the fact that Kendra doesn’t know how to clap. Like my fourteen-month-old claps better than she does. What that’s about?

Sugar Ray and Anna are up first. Last week, Bruno told Ray that his feet moved well but his posture made him look like a turtle, which was a bit harsh, but also true. So in rehearsals, Anna tells him that they have the jive, and he won’t have to worry about his posture quite as much. Anna tries to school him on the kicks and flicks, and he has a little trouble keeping up. I mean, he’s no spring chicken. The jive is always a problem for the oldsters, unless they slow the music down so much that it doesn’t even look like a jive. Let’s see how he does.

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