gladys knight dwts 'Dancing With The Stars' recap: L.A. Proved Too Much For the LadyAs a special treat, we get MORE Motown! I’m not complaining. The show opens with a medley of Motown hits and dancing by the pros. Oh, it’s the troupe. I thought it was going to be the actual pros. Oh, wait. Val and Peta are dancing to “Let’s Get It On.” And Louis is there as well. I enjoyed how fast they cut away from Val when he started doing some extremely suggesting pelvic thrusting. I wish they had incorporated more Motown type moves in that routine.

Backstage peek and review time! William didn’t know what “raunchy” meant. Of course, he didn’t. Derek tried to help Maria recover when she stepped onto the lip of the orchestra, but she didn’t even know what happened. Derek told her that it happens, and she handled it like a pro. I don’t know if I gave Jaleel enough praise last night for really capturing that Motown feel. I have to laugh at how shocked they were to get such high scores when usually people are bitching that their scores weren’t high enough. Maks thinks he and Melissa were successful since she looked beautiful, enjoyed herself, and didn’t get a concussion.

So out of those four contestants (William, Maria, Jaleel, and Melissa), who is safe and who’s in jeopardy? Jaleel and William are safe, while Maria and Melissa are in jeopardy but may not be in the bottom two. I would love to hear what Derek is telling Maks right now.

Inspirational story! A girl was born in war-torn Sierra Leone. Her mother died of starvation so she was taken to an orphanage. She has vitiligo, so they called her “the Devil’s child.” Yikes. She was adopted by an American couple and they enrolled her in dance class, and now she dances with the American Ballet Theatre. She’s dancing to Natasha Bedingfield singing “Wild Horses.” How can you have a song called “Wild Horses” and not have it be the Rolling Stones song? That is some bull****. I was all excited to hear that song. Anyway, the ballet is beautiful.

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