dwts hosts 'Dancing With The Stars' recap: Rhythm Is Gonna Get YouHey, y’all! I took a week off and now I feel totally out of touch with this show. I did tune in last week but watching as a random viewer versus watching as a recapper is so very different. But now I’m back! And it’s Latin Night!

Oh, Carlos Santana. Don’t you have more to do than play on this show? You are a legend. Then again, you did make that song with Rob Thomas like ten years ago so maybe you have IRS issues or something. Well, they have to have a reason for the troupe to exist and apparently that reason is to dance while Carlos Santana plays. I feel like the DWTS audience doesn’t really appreciate Santana’s amazing guitar work, I have to say. Santana is also wearing baggy leather pants, which I didn’t even know were a thing that existed.

Brooke and Tom welcome us and I’m fairly sure I can see Brooke’s areola, so that happened. Can you guys believe that Gavin is still on this show? Who would have thought he would make it this far? I am really happy that Sherri got eliminated though. It makes me feel better about America.

Jaleel and Kym are up first. In rehearsals, they discuss how shocking Sherri’s elimination was, and how it means that anyone can go home at any time. Then Kym coaches Jaleel on how to shake his booty. And he definitely shakes it. They also talk about how there will be a dance duel this week, so they have to rehearse a second routine just in case they are in the bottom two. I forgot about the dance duel. I am against it, but trying to keep an open mind.

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