dwts finale 320 'Dancing With The Stars' recap: Shake Your Bon BonHey y’all. I cut a chunk out of my thumb today slicing potatoes so hopefully between me, my spell check, and my editor, we will catch all the typos and mistakes, but typing is difficult when you can’t use your left thumb and you’re left-handed. But the world of dance waits for no one, so here we go!

Luckily there will be a lot of filler. Like this opening segment about how Ricki has been through life’s trials, Rob has stepped out into the spotlight and become a man, and JR is already a hero. It’s been ten weeks and now it’s the finale! Hooray! I think this could be about two weeks shorter and it would be perfect. Eight weeks is about when I hit the wall with this show.

The opening number starts with all of the pros, and then each pro from the entire season comes out with their celeb in the order they were eliminated, and then the three final couples come down the stairs and join them. So that was something that happened.

As usual, we get to see some backstage footage from last night. Ricki vowed to have a great time on the floor during their freestyle, and it looks like she did. Afterwards, she told Derek that she would cherish the experience. Before they went on, Cheryl was trying to give Rob a pep talk and he just walked away, maybe to puke? That was strange. After their freestyle, Derek told Ricki that Rob could win this thing. Is he just figuring that out? Cheryl said afterwards that she was most proud of Rob out of all her partners. When it came to JR’s first dance, the judges were shocked at how messy it was, and JR admitted to Karina that he totally lost it. So he was really determined to redeem himself in his freestyle, and he did. It wasn’t my favorite, but they did nail it.

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