jennifer grey paso doble dwts 'Dancing With the Stars' Redemption Dances: Who did it best?One of the two dances for the “Dancing With the Stars” finals was a Redemption Dance, where each finalist had to perform a dance the judges thought they should’ve performed better than they did the first time around.

For Kyle Massey, it’s the fox trot, which the first time he and Lacey performed as a sassy ’70s disco number that barely kept Kyle stayin’ alive. This time around, they performed a more traditional fox trot to “I’m Feelin’ Good.” The judges were very complimentary and we agree, it was a huge improvement over the first one. Len says, “So much better than that first one … You’ve gone from Messy Massey to Marvelous Massey” and Bruno calls it “slick, sharp and slinky.” Kyle got 9s across the board for a 27.

Bristol Palin‘s Redemption Dance is the jive, which if you’ll remember she performed in a literal monkey suit the first time. This time she and Mark dance to “Move (You’re Stepping On My Heart” from “Dreamgirls.” It’s better … but she’s still so stiff and unsure. This is a peppy dance and she barely picks up her feet. Mark is so high-stepping that her smaller movements are even more pronounced.

Bruno says, “You had a good time, you didn’t care and we all enjoyed it.” Carrie says, “You never cease to amaze me.” Hmm. Even Len is complimentary, with “vast improvement.” The judges give her 9s for a 27. Geez, really? That was as good as Kyle?

The Redemption Dance for Jennifer Grey is the paso doble, which was her lowest score of the competition. This time she and Derek do the paso to a song we don’t know the name of. It was miles better than the first time around, very dramatic and sweeping. Carrie Ann sums it up with, “This is the meaning of redemption” and Len loves the “expression and aggression” and gives her a standing ovation. The judges give her three 10s for a 30.

So who redeemed themselves the most? If you go strictly by score improvement, it was Jennifer, going from a 20 to a 30. Kyle went from a 20 to a 27 and Bristol went from an 18 to a 27. Who do you think won the first round? 

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