wendy williams tony dwts pair 'Dancing With the Stars' results night: Who's going home?

If the first cut is the deepest, the second is pretty tolerable.

Season 12 of “Dancing With the Stars” is off and running, and we’re ready to start trimming the fat.(10 contestants is just overwhelming.)

So as we walk the green mile to the Week 3 elimination — who’s in the most danger?

Wendy Williams, for starters. The DJ-cum-TV-host has failed to take to dancing, and all three judges agreed that the Week 3 performance was a step backwards for her. It will take a lot of votes to make up for that 15 — a whopping 5 points lower than the next lowest scorer.

… Who happens to be Sugar Ray Leonard. Other than Kirstie Alley, he’s the oldest competitor this season, and though he has shown signs of progress, they’ve been minimal. The two seem most likely to remain standing in the nail-biting final moments of the April 5 results show. Who do you think will go home?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell