ralph macchio eliminated interview 'Dancing With the Stars' results: Ralph Macchio braces for 'separation anxiety,' picks his top finalist

We’re sorry, Ralph Macchio.

When Zap2it caught up with the felled “Dancing With the Stars” competitor after his semifinals elimination, he called us out for being “a little snarky” about his recent performances.

He was kidding, of course. Which is good, because so were we. The actor may have fallen down the leader board during the last two performance nights, but fans, ourselves included, never stopped rooting for him.

The judges are another matter. Speaking with the press on his way out, Macchio brought up the hurtful critique he received after his last dances.

“It’s unfortunate, because I thought some of the comments were disrespectful and rude and not constructive for how I could better myself,” he says. “It felt [like we were] circled as the one couple that didn’t get praised or built up like the others did.”

The overwhelming approval for his co-stars did twist the knife a bit. “I thought we’ve earned the respect, over the season, to be just critiqued on the dance and not have comments making fun of the choices,” he says. “It felt like the playing field wasn’t level last night,
and that was disappointing.”

Partner Katrina Smirnoff shares his disappointment, which is doubled because the new friends no longer get to hang out for eight hours a day. “I’m going to miss so much about her,” says Macchio. “It’s going to be separation anxiety for sure.”

It won’t be that long, though. Macchio will be in attendance for the May 24 finale. And though he isn’t saying who will take home the mirrorball trophy, but he did echo a previous vote of confidence.

“If you ask me who the best celebrity dancer is,” he says,”I would say Chelsea Kane.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell