Ricki Lake is at the top of her game on “Dancing With the Stars.” Her only real competition (so far) is war veteran J.R. Martinez. But that might change. Lake just admitted to a few injuries, something which has taken out dancers before.

Ricki-Lake-Derek-Hough-DWTScropped.jpgAccording to an interview with USA Today, Lake has a number of dancing-related issues.

She said, “I have bad knees. I never had knee issues until I started dancing four
hours a day. Even worse, she said she has, “a bruised rib. Or it
might be cracked. I don’t know.” She said it happened while practicing last week’s quickstep with partner Derek Hough.

Lake also weighed in on the judging controversy, saying, “It’s in the beholder. For me, I’m grateful that we’ve been doing as
well as we have. When I did that Roger Rabbit (’80s-themed dance in Week
5), my scores were a little low. I’m not going to complain … I do think
they’re very good at what they do, those judges.”

We can’t wait to see what she does in tonight’s Halloween-themed competition. Zap2it will be on the scene. Check back for our coverage of the live show.

Posted by:jbusch