roshon-fegan-maria-menounos-wango-tangoAfter making it to the top six on Season 14 of “Dancing with the Stars,” actor and singer Roshon Fegan now has his mind set emphatically on making music. He released his first EP, “I Am Ro-Shon” in February and intends to keep dropping what’s hot when it comes to beats and melodies.
“My new way of doing it is just dropping as much music as I can, you know?” Fegan explains to Zap2It at KIIS FM’s annual Wango Tango concert on Saturday (May 12). “I’m just trying to do a whole bunch of free stuff, mixtape stuff, dropping stuff ridiculously everywhere so that’s it’s undeniable. That’s the way it’s done these days.”
In fact, at this point, the budding pop star says a full-fledged album is almost pass�. 
He notes, “I think, at a certain extent, an album is not worth much anymore, not as a much as a hit single, not as much as a whole bunch of singles. Because people want selections, they want choices. That’s what our generation is about. It’s just collecting what we want.”
Fegan came out for the summer concert in Carson, Calif., to support some of his favorite artists, including “Community” star Donald Glover — performing under his rap alias, Childish Gambino.
“Childish Gambino is my dude,” comments the 20-year-old. “Hip-hop is a lifestyle, hip-hop is a movement. Hip-hop is no color, it’s no shape and no form. It is what you feel in your heart and it is what you believe in. [Glover] has been influenced and represents hip hop in a way that, you know, he’s a different kind of guy, and at the end of the day he feels so much and he releases his passion through hip hop, through rap, through great music. And I bang it in my car whenever I can.”
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