dancing the stars season 16 finale aly raisman mark ballas abc 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 16 finale: Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas land in fourth placeDespite some really impressive finals dancing on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 16, Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas placed only fourth and were subsequently cut first from the finale results show.

It was actually a bit of a surprise that Aly and Mark were the first to go from the “DWTS” finale. After the performances on Monday night, the couple was in third place. They were a few points off the nearly perfect leaders — Zendaya and Val, Kellie and Derek — but were well ahead of Jacoby and Karina when it came to points. Aly and Mark’s 61 points seemed enough to keep them safe about Jacoby and Karina’s 56.

And this has been a popular couple throughout the season. Not always at the top, Aly and Mark were always high enough up and good enough dancers to escape the cruel blow of the bottom two.

That all came to an end with the finale results. Only 16 minutes into the two-hour broadcast, Tom Bergeron announced that the pair was done. There would be no instant dances to redeem them.

Still, it was a good run for the Olympic gymnast. Already possessing the skills and strength needed for an athletic endeavor like “Dancing with the Stars,” Aly quickly picked up the rhythm and musicality, obviously justifying her place in the finale.

Who goes home next? Stay tuned …

Posted by:Laurel Brown