dancing with the stars season 16 premiere ranking abc 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 16: Who are the stars to beat?

Even with just one performance as evidence, it’s sometimes possible to predict who might win “Dancing with the Stars.” Nothing is certain, of course, but a few of the Season 16 contestants gave winning performances that might be tough to beat.

Who were the winners and who were the losers on the first night of competition? We rank all 12 of the “DWTS” celebrities to see who might take that Mirror Ball trophy.

#12 D.L. Hughley
He got a 12. That’s pretty much the sign of certain doom on “Dancing with the Stars.” Personality and fans may carry the comedian through to another week, but D.L. has virtually no chance at the top prize.

#11 Andy Dick
Anyone who knows Andy Dick’s career also knows about the man’s unfortunate choices throughout the years. It’s a bit off-putting. He gave a fun performance in week 1, but it wasn’t great. Nothing short of transcendental can win this for Andy.

#10 Wynonna Judd
She’s famous and has a great attitude. That will give Wynonna a few weeks. Still, she didn’t dance particularly well and showed little promise of improvement.

#9 Ingo Rademacher
Ingo’s dancing was perfectly good, and he’s a soap star so you know he has fans. On the other hand, he seemed rather middle-of-the-road and forgettable.

#8 Lisa Vanderpump
In contrast, no one is ever going to forget Lisa Vanderpump. From her puppy to her jokes, Lisa put on a great show for viewers. Her dancing probably doesn’t have the skill to make it to the end, but her personality should keep her safe for awhile.

#7 Victor Ortiz
The boxer could be the dark horse in the “DWTS” race. The judges wanted more, but Victor showed some definite determination to do his best in this. Add in that athletic skill, and Victor could turn into a contender.

#6 Sean Lowe
The star of “The Bachelor” has charm, likability and a whole lot of current fame. His dancing wasn’t too bad either. Still, we’ve been watching Sean Lowe on TV for months now. Viewer fatigue may be the man’s undoing.

#5 Zendaya
No question that this season’s Disney kid can dance. She’s actually pretty excellent at it. But viewers often turn on those with previous experience, and Zendaya has the added pressure of being an unknown to many.

#4 Aly Raisman
The gymnast has considerable fame after the 2012 Olympics, and she showed both style and athleticism in her first dance. Add in some more charisma and performance, and Aly has a shot at the top.

#3 Kellie Pickler
Unlike the others, Kellie truly knows what it means to be on a competition show. This “Idol” alum started off with a strong performance and has Derek Hough as a partner. She could go far.

#2 Dorothy Hamill
Dorothy Hamill could win “Dancing with the Stars” and that would be wonderful. The figure-skating darling gave a strong performance, has a good back-story and was a charmer. If she has the stamina to keep up with the youngsters, then Dorothy is the one to beat.

#1 Jacoby Jones
Football players have a good track record on “DWTS.” And few athletes have more fame than this Super Bowl star. He’s a pleasant man and knows how to perform — if Jacoby can win over the judges with some skill, this is his to lose.

Who do you think are the early front-runners to win “Dancing with the Stars” Season 16?

Posted by:Laurel Brown