shannen doherty2 abc 'Dancing With the Stars': Shannen Doherty first star EVER to decline 'Jimmy Kimmel'“[Shannen Doherty‘s] drowning her sorrows at the Peach Pit.”

Jimmy Kimmel joked to his audience after finding out that the “Dancing With the Stars” castoff was the first contestant in the history of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to decline an invite on his show.

According to Kimmel, contestants are always invited to be a guest on his show after they get the boot from America. However, after Shannen Doherty was the first star to get sent packing Tuesday (March 30) night, she told Kimmel’s show no thanks.

Kimmel conceded that Macy Gray was so upset that she couldn’t come out of the bathroom, but at least she showed up. Doherty, on the other hand, elected not to come at all.

When Kimmel broke the history-making news to the audience, they erupted in boos. Kimmel added, “I’m glad I kicked her off,” which drew cheers. “It looks like America has finally exacted its revenge on Brenda, and she in turn is exacting it on me.”

Then, perhaps as a filler for Doherty’s scheduled spot, Kimmel did a “BruNo or Yes?” segment, asking the audience to guess whether judge Bruno Toniolo actually said the wacky-sounding statement or not. The judge himself graced the stage (if only for moments) at the end of the segment.

Hey, at least someone from “DWTS” decided to show up.

See if you can guess if these are BruNo or BruYes statements … then watch to see if you’re right!

1) “You were light and frothy. It was like a strawberry milkshake.”

2) “That had more camp in it than a drag queen’s convention.”

3) “You could have a picnic on her a** G. For real.”

4) “Jimmy Kimmel, you move like a fat gorilla in fudge and you smell like onions.”


1) BruYes

2) BruYes

3) BruNo

4) BruYes … after Bruno emerged from behind the curtain and delivered the line with above average (even for Bruno) dramatic flair

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Christine Law