shannen doherty mark ballas dwts 10 week 2 'Dancing With the Stars': Surprising Bottom Two, first Season 10 eliminationI’m utterly shocked and appalled at this “Dancing With the Stars” turn of events. You’ve failed me, voting public.

The show kicks off without wasting any time as Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke reveal the first safe couple and the first couple up for elimination. Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa are safe, no surprise there but I’m incredibly surprised that Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood are the first couple in the bottom. Completely undeserved. I’m betting this isn’t a legitimate Bottom Two.

Head Judge Len Goodman provides the commentary for last night’s recap, yet another change this season. I wonder if he’s going to do this every week or if the judges will rotate?

Our first encore of the season goes to Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough. I wasn’t really feeling this number yesterday and, while I like it better tonight, I still find Nicole’s costume distracting and very un-Jive.

Before the commercial break, we get a brief package with Wyclef Jean thanking the viewers for raising money for Haiti and how the featured dancers tonight represent the country’s unyielding spirit (with clips of said dancers rehearsing). I’m really looking forward to the number now.

Travis Payne and Stacey Walker — Michael Jackson’s choreographers — are the brains behind the all-pro “Ballroom fusion” number to “Evacuate The Dance Floor” a la Cascada. Mark Ballas didn’t participate thanks to the uneven number of couples this season. It was fun, I enjoyed that it wasn’t super-structured in some parts.

The next bit of filler is Adam Corolla with his take on the last two weeks. Eh. It was mildly amusing. Sort of.

Now, more results. Tom reveals that Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska and Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel are safe. I was fairly certain the soap contingent would keep Aiden safe and am very happy Niecy is moving on. She did a great job last night and absolutely earned it.

After a backstage interview I zoned out on, Tom announces that Melissa Rycroft was chosen for the Macy’s Design-A-Dance performance. The male celebs that the audience has to chose from are Cameron Mathison, Cody Linley, Warren Sapp, Joey Fatone, Joseph “Joey” Lawrence, Lance Bass, and Maurice Greene. I’m personally pulling for Joey F. — I think he and Melissa could do something spectacular.

Back from a break and it’s time for a medley from The Beach Boys with special guest John Stamos on the drums, congas, and guitar. Naturally they’re joined by some of the pros (Ashly, Anna, Cheryl, Damian, Louis, and Maks) for some dance accompaniment. “California Girls” went without incident but “Kokomo” was a bit rough. They rounded the medley out with “Fun, Fun, Fun” to rescue the number.

Our next filler is much funnier – “The Len Commandments.” No wasting time in a routine, no cussing out judges, no stealing moves, no interrupting Len, no lifts…and there better be lots of sparkling. Oh, did I mention Len’s dressed up in robes and carrying “tablets?” Yeah. That happened.

Back to live action, Len announces that there’s a challenge for next week to push the couples. They all must tell a story in their dances without lots of gimmicks. That should be interesting. Then we learn that Evan Lysachek and Anna Trebunskaya are safe. As they should be.

More results after the adverts. Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower and Nicole and Derek have been given their reprieve. I’m only slightly surprised by Jake & Chelsie but their scores were pretty high plus Chelsie’s got a lot of fans.

Tonight’s Macy’s Stars of Dance segment is the previously mentioned tribute to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The package recounts the devastation of the quake and features Martin Barthold (Ballroom dancer) and Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine (World Mambo Champion) speaking about how it affected them and how important dance is. Emmanuel lost his young son in the quake but is determined to be joyous and positive in his honor. That positivity, he says, will help rebuild the country. The number has five each male and female dancers performing to “Hips Don’t Lie” a la Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean. If you didn’t enjoy the spirit of that number, especially after seeing that package, then you’re dead inside.

Unnecessary Filler #3: A day in the life of Brooke. Zoning oooout…now. Oh! Results! Paying attention now. Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerikovsy and Chad Johnson and Cheryl Burke are given a stay of execution leaving Shannen Doherty and Mark and Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani. There’s only one acceptable way for this to turn out.

After another set of commercials, Kate and Tony are safe. Really? So unacceptable.

Really, America? You eliminated Shannen and Mark? What the &@($*. I’m so done.

In the farewell interview, Shannen took it well enough adding that she wouldn’t want to go on without Mark. What the huh? Apparently Mark injured his knee in dress rehearsal last night. He may not need surgery but, after an MRI that revealed the freakin’ muscle pulled away from the bone (YIKES!), he would be out for six weeks leaving Shannen with a new partner. I smell home cooking.

What do you guys think of the utter crap of this week? Do you think there was some producers-input into the results this week? Because I don’t think she deserved to go at all.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks