sherri shepherd dancing with the stars 'Dancing With the Stars': Sherri Shepherd gets a letter from Bill ClintonSherri Shepherd has some pretty famous fans on “Dancing With the Stars” She got a letter from Bill Clinton, supporting her appearance on the show! Shepherd took the red eye back to New York right after the week 2 elimination and told “The View” audiences about the letter.

“Oh my gosh! I got a letter from former President Bill Clinton and he
said, ‘ I was excited to hear that you’ll be joining the cast of
“Dancing With the Stars” this season. Good luck with the competition and
all those trips from New York to L.A. You’ve got my vote!” I’m so
excited! Bill and Hilary Clinton, if you’re not doing anything, come see
me! I’d love to have you as my guest on “Dancing With the Stars”

Her co-hosts showered her with praise, and Barbara Walters asked her why she’s in the bottom three. “Yeah. I got a 24. I think I’m in the bottom four. They don’t
judge you based on anyone else. They judge you based on you. I learned
that rumba in two days and it was hard for me and some people were just
better technically than me. I just wanted to get it perfect for

Shepherd says the competition is the hardest thing she’s done outside of childbirth but that she loves it. She is most worried about the new twist the judges added in. “Yeah, the week after next, if you’re in the bottom two, you have to do a
dance off. You have another dance to do. They’ll say, ‘Well, you
already did your rumba. Now you’ve got to do the chacha.’ Another
couple has to do that dance and you guys have to dance off against each
other. It’s not the votes from your fans. It’s the votes from the
judges. My memory is just not that good.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

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