sherri shepherd dancing with the stars 'Dancing With the Stars': Sherri Shepherd on weight and Barbara Walters' reaction to her danceForget the steps. “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd has the most heart of all the contestants this season on “DWTS.” In week two, Shepherd channeled Tina Turner on the dance floor. We got to chat with Shepherd after the show where she talked about her weight, changes in her body and what Barbara Walters told her about her first performance.

“It’s like Pilates,” Shepherd said when we asked her about changes in her body. “I haven’t lost any weight in numbers
but I think it’s in inches. Val (Chemkovskiy) has been having me move my hips and you are
using your body in different formations, so yes. I just want to be able to
dance and breath and not look like I am running from death on the dance floor.”

“The View is on hiatus now, but Shepherd says she’s really excited to go back and see her girls. We asked her if Barbara Walters had contacted her after the first show. “Barbara e-mailed me at midnight and told me she voted 12
times. And she doesn’t normally watch this kind of shows so that was amazing.”

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