Professional Jackass Steve-O was unable to perform on the second "Dancing With the Stars" due to a back injury. No, not the one that happened last week while he was trying to master the salsa. A new one.

Host Tom Bergeron announced at the beginning of the show that Steve-O would not be performing. Later, Steve-O's dance partner, Lacey Schwimmer, said that two hours before the live show, the 34-year-old Steve-O was rehearsing when he fell on his microphone pack.

Steve-O was taken to the hospital. While it's been ascertained that nothing is broken, Schwimmer did say there was a great deal of swelling.

To recap, this season's "Dancing With the Stars" injuries include:

  • Jewel — fractured tibia in both legs; forced to drop out
  • Nancy O'Dell — torn meniscus in her knee; requires surgery, forced to drop out
  • Gilles Marini — tendonitis in the groin and shoulder; still dancing
  • Steve Wozniak — fractured foot; still dancing

During last week's premiere, Steve-O and Schwimmer performed a waltz, scoring a 17 from the judges. Check out his performance below:

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