kate gosselin tony results Report: 'Dancing With the Stars' Tony Dovolani can't stand Kate GosselinPut your surprise face on. “Dancing With the Stars” pro Tony Dovolani isn’t all that fond of his difficult partner, Kate Gosselin. Shocker!

]]>Us that “he can’t wait to get rid of her, even if it means losing early.” Oh, let us count the reasons why…. Gosselin is a terrible dancer. She’s repeatedly been the butt of jokes for her awkward, robotic “dance” moves. But instead of admitting the obvious, she took aim at her pro partner, Tony Dovolani — who makes a living teaching dance — on national television, telling him he doesn’t know how to teach. But wait, there’s more! Her diva behavior has been in full force behind the scenes as well. One source says that during another heated practice session, Gosselin told Dovolani, “I’m the reason anyone knows your name … so give me a break!” Funny, those “Plus 8” kids could say the same thing to her. But we’re not done yet. Evidently the reality TV mom makes her partner enter her home through the basement door. “She says it’s quicker, but she’s just showing him she’s the boss,” says a Gosselin source. Dovolani has reportedly complained to producers about her unbearable antics, but we’re guessing this season’s sky-high ratings (which the tabloid-topping Gosselin has undoubtedly contributed to) trump this poor dancer’s daily misery. Good luck, Tony. And by “good luck,” we mean we hope you get to go home soon!
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