" packed way more extras in it than a Disney movie bonus disk.

We start out with the encore – the ode to 60's Group Dance, as I predicted. Shawn changed things up by doing a handstand and kicking her legs on her go-go box, Chuck decided to dance without the blonde wig, and Derek, again, owned. He looked like he was having ridiculous amounts of fun both times. Also, I neglected to mention last night that watching Melissa Rycroft doing The Pony made me smile.

Post recap package and a commercial break, we get a bit of time-filler about the physical impact of Ballroom/Latin dancing. I think this was one of the most interesting packages this season. The health benefits are yet another great reason for people to try it at home – the celebs burn up to 15,000 calories per week!

Natasha Beddingfield takes the stage next to sing "Soulmate" while Dmitry and Lacey Rumba. That's a good looking couple of dancers there. I really liked the choreography – it was pretty and dynamic. Natasha sounded good, which I dont' think she gets enough credit for. As we've seen in past weeks, not everyone consistantly sounds great live. I like her in general and I'm glad to see she's not scary-skinny like she was last year.

After more adverts, the cast of "Burn The Floor," a Broadway show featuring international Ballroom champs, performs to the House Band's version of "History Repeating" by the Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey. I give it up to the singer because she actually nailed this song. The crazy red lighting made it hard to see what was going on at times but it was a great freaking number. Just wow. If I lived in New York, I'd be all over this show.

Finally, after almost a half hour, we learn that Chuck Wicks & Julianne, Melissa Rycroft & Tony, and Shawn Johnson & Mark have been saved in no particular order.

With more newness this season, for the first time the viewing audience gets to decide who the new pro will be next time through (since Julianne's leaving). Six dancers will perform in couples but only one will be guarenteed a spot.

Brent Borban and Afton DelGrosso are the first two to dance. They dance together for the Vegas espectacular "Le Reve" and Afton is Ashley's younger sister. They do a Cha Cha to "Damaged" by Danity Kane. They're both very good but I'm not totatly feeling them (though I like Brent a little better). Len and Bruno slobbered all of Afton while Carrie Ann was much more even in her praise, saying Brent's personality will shine through on camera.

Next up Anna Demidova, who sort looks like a cross between Vanna White and Ali Larter, and Mayo Alanen. They're good friends but have never danced together. Their Waltz is to "Weekend In New England" by Barry Manilow. Strangely, I found this more interesting than the Cha Cha. They did a great job with choreography. All three judges were equally complimentary and really liked them, though the highlight was when Len wondered how they'd do in Latin, they did a brief showcase – very smart.

Last up is Snow Urbin and Genya Mazo. If they both look familiar it's because Snow was on the first season of "So You Think You Can Dance" and Genya is Alec's brother. They've competed against each other so their rehersal package seemed a little more combatative than the others. The Rumba they perform is to "Stop and Stare" by OneRepublic. They have great stage presence. Lots of happy thoughts from the judges with Len saying Genya dances like a man and that Snow was a great balance sexy and technique.

Good grief they're packing a lot into this episode. The quasi-operatic four-woman group Celtic Women sing "You Raise Me Up" as Showdance Champions Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian show off. Eric & Georgia were on that farce "Superstars of Dance" earlier this year. It's a lift-fest for sure.

Looks like they've done completely away with the Dance Off as it hasn't reared its ugly head once again. With four couples remaining on stage, Lil' Kim & Derek and Gilles Marini & Cheryl are safe. No surprise.

Between LT & Edyta and Ty Murray & Chelsie, it's Lawrence's time to leave. He's all smiles though and is grateful for the experience. As much as people didn't like him, I thought LT did really well considering he's the most beat up out of all the NFL players who've been on the show.

Favorite potential pro?(online polls)

Your thoughts on tonight? They sure packed in a lot of special segments. Are you glad there was no Dance Off once again? What do you think of this new pro-picking system?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks