Tymurray_dancingwiththestars_s8_240The results episodes of “Dancing with the Stars” used to seem to take forever. Now they’re packing so much stuff in it’s just whizzing by. But rest assured, they stretched out the reveal to the last possible moment.

Like last week, we get treated to the encore right off the bat. Lil’ Kim & Derek get the nod the second week in a row. I thought Shawn & Mark were better but this was a super-fun number (plus Shawn’s uncomfortable a bit with the dance) so it’s understandable.

I like how in the recap Steve-O called attention to the rampant idiocy (my words) of getting a higher score, from Len especially, when he completely forgets his steps but gets a 4 when he’s done his best so far. Hear hear.

After the first break, some of the cast of the “West Side Story” revival are on hand to sing “America.” The woman portraying Rosalia is FANTASTIC. All the ladies were great but, you know, she was giving me all kinds of goodness.

Before the leaderboard rundown, Tom Bergeron tells us there’s no Dance Off. How inconsistent. Tom calls Lil’ Kim & Derek and LT & Edyta to center stage. The former is obviously safe. The big surprise is that Lawrence Taylor is not on the chopping block. Hmmm.

Rascal Flatts are introduced after another commercial to sing “Here Comes Goodbye” while Tony and Julianne accompany them. I find them enjoyable but I wonder who’s more relieved they’re not singing “Life Is A Highway,” them or me. There were some crazy ice skating-like lifts going on in this number. I’m thinking Tony choreographed this because I wasn’t really feeling it.

Edytasliwinska_dancingwiththestars_s8_240 Our first time-filler package is about how the celebs are in charge of picking the couples costume for next week’s dance. The highlight: LT stating that he wanted something a little more modest since his mom will be watching and we all know that “Edtya, she’s allergic to clothes.”

Shawn Johnson & Mark and Melissa Rycroft & Tony are called down to learn their fates next. Both are safe, the opposite of shocking.

This week’s Macy’s Stars of Dance segment features Carmen Electra in a number choreographed by one of the original Pussycat Dolls, Lindsay Allen to “Stuff Like That There.” It’s a fun little 50’s0flavored Cabaret-type number, though the way it’s done I’d expect Carmen to be singing. Sadly, I think I was expecting more so it kind of fell flat for me.

Next up, Rascal Flatts returns to cover The Beatles “Revolution.” The four dancers are Chelsie, Mark, Artem, and that blonde girl I don’t know who is really good and was on about two weeks ago. The dance was enjoyable and the cover was solid.

The second time-filler is a piece with a body language expert telling us all about the celebs and what their tells are during all the facets of the show. It was interesting for sure.

This time, the last four couples standing are all on the stage while Tom reveals Gilles Marini & Cheryl are definitely moving on to next week. That makes our bottom three Chuck Wicks & Julianne, Steve-O & Lacey, and Ty Murray & Chelsie. After a word from our sponsors, Chuck & Julianne are let off the hook which, mathematically, wasn’t a surprise. Tom clarifies that though one couple is being eliminated, it doesn’t necessarily mean the other had the second lowest score. Lame.

Laceyschwimmer_steveo_dancingwiththestars_s8_240 And so, after some ado, the ax finally falls on Steve-O & Lacey. Steve was very gracious on his elimination and Tom says that he’s charmed everyone. Aw. Like David Allen Grier, I’m going to miss him. Their last dance is to “What Hurts The Most” – I’m glad the guys from Rascal Flatts were on hand to hear it sung so questionably.

Did you think it was weird that they didn’t have a Dance Off this week? I mean, either they do it every week or they don’t, right? Do you agree with the results tonight? Did Len and Bruno sabotage Steve-O with those terrible scores? Any other thoughts?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks