dancing with the stars zendaya val chmerkovskiy week 2 elimination abc 'Dancing with the Stars' week 2 elimination: D.L. Hughley survives, Zendaya dances and more highlights

The main point of the results show for “Dancing with the Stars” is to announce the first Season 16 elimination. But they do have an hour of time to fill, so there are bound to be a few highlights on the way to learning who was eliminated in week 2.

These highlights feature D.L. Hughley, Sean Lowe, Lisa Vanderpump, Ingo Rademacher, Dorothy Hamill and Zendaya. What happened to them while the results were announced?

Dorothy Hamill pulls out

She was a favorite and seemed like a lovely person, but Dorothy Hamill decided to withdraw from the “Dancing with the Stars” competition after week 2. Apparently, her doctors had diagnosed the former figure skater with an injury that might be irreparable. Whether it is or not, Dorothy could not dance anymore.

D.L.Hughley is saved

The surprise saving of D.L. Hughley — despite an extremely low score of 28 points — was one of the big shockers of the night. Although he improved impressively between the weeks, D.L. was still the most likely to leave. He was, after all, trailing his nearest competition by 8 points.

And yet, somehow, D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke survived. Way to show the power of the vote!

Ingo and Kym. Ingo and Kym! INGO AND KYM!!!

It’s always fun when there are technical problems on live shows. We got to enjoy that right at the beginning of the week 2 “DWTS” results show. The very first saves of the night almost didn’t find out.

As always, the camera panned to the couple about to hear their results. But when Ingo and Kym’s names were announced, they did not react. And then they didn’t react at a second announcement. Apparently, the two dancers couldn’t hear their own names in the ballroom.

Lisa Vanderpump threatens offers to sleep with Len

Although she was in jeopardy, Lisa was ready to do whatever it took to keep herself on the show. She even professed a (joking) interest in bedding Len Goodman if that would help.

Zendaya and Val get the encore dance

Surprisingly, the dance that the most people (on Twitter anyway) was the jive performed by Zendaya and Val. Maybe this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise — Twitter tends to skew young, and those guys are more likely to know Zendaya. Also, it was an impressive dance.

Sean Lowe explains the “murgalowe”

What is the “murgalowe”? It’s kind of like the “Tebow.” Except in involves lying on the ground, bottom up in the air (pretty much like an inchworm). Sean and Peta were fooling around during rehearsal, and someone photographed them in that position.

Guess being the “Bachelor” gives you some influence.

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