Recently crowned "Dancing With the Stars" champ Shawn Johnson has had a busy year. 

Before taking home top prize on "Dancing With the Stars" two weeks ago, Johnson was preoccupied training for the Summer Olympics and subsequently taking home the gold medal at the Beijing ceremony.

However, Johnson, along with "Dancing" partner Mark Ballas, said she still tries to make time for movies. 

But when asked about her favorite digital short from movie awards host and "Saturday Night Live" player Andy Samberg, it seems Johnson (and Ballas) hasn't had as much free time to check out such classics as "Lazy Sunday" and "Motherlover."

Ballas was gracious enough to save himself, and his date, with a shout-out for Eminem's highly anticipated performance. 

It seems no matter what, a good dance partner will always save their other half. Ole!

Posted by:Kate Stanhope