pam anderson marilyn3 'Dancing With the Stars': Zap2it readers weigh in on Pamela AndersonWhen Pamela Anderson got sent to the dreaded Bottom Two at the top of the elimination show Tuesday (March 30) night, America gasped … along with a lot of the other “Dancing With the Stars” contestants.

“It just shows you gotta vote out there,” Nicole Scherzinger tells Zap2it.

We posted the shocking news right after it happened and asked you, our readers why you believed the popular (or so we thought?) blonde ended up in the hot seat so early in the competition. Well, it turns out you had a lot to say.

Many of you thought Anderson was simply “too sexy” for a family-oriented show, while others find her “repulsive and disgusting to watch.” Some of you believe women are just jealous of her and if more men tuned into the show (and voted), the “sex kitten” would fare much better.

Here’s a sampling of reasons you gave for why Anderson was the second lowest-scoring contestant of the night (Shannen Doherty, of course, got the boot in the end):

Jean: The professional dancers get voters too, maybe the new guy didn’t get as many votes as the ones that have been on for years and have a following. I think more women vote and men would probably vote for Pam, I myself would like to keep seeing her dance

Geena: She sexed it up too much! The demographic of this show is women and young girls. Lots of people watch this show with their young daughters and it has been considered a family show. People don’t want to watch her act like she is doing a pole dance while they are watching with their kids.

pk: She turns women off.

j: I was afraid younger viewers didn’t realize she was playing a role. Marilyn Monroe.

sheri: well my take on it, is people aren’t tuning in to see psa, even though that’s what the media wanted us to believe, most people that watch this and are voting are women, and psa isn’t a sympathetic figure to women, who knows how many votes Kate had, she could even of had the most, i was glad shannon went home, she was the one i wanted to go home

IK: She is being an actress and not a dancer. Marilyn Monroe is yesterday. She is beautiful and talented but not connecting with her audience. And no not all women vote against her because she is sexy.

Eva: Pamela is repulsive & disgusting to watch. This (previously) family show is about “dancing”, not about reeking sex and self-love! She needs to get over herself, or go back to the red-light district!

Jenn: I don’t think the people who vote for this show are into baywatch bimbos. I think she’s great on the show and her acting experience is really coming across (altho it was a little creepy watching her stay in character all evening). I just think the demographic doesn’t like her.. and thats a shame… I’m rooting for her. I also like the ice skater… very cool dancer.

david: sadly,pamela was seen as too sexy. i do also think she is kind. kate wears this poor me martyr face as if she were the most suffering soul on the planet[give me break!] and she is devoid of personality. shannen can find a new zip code [good ridence!]

: Quite easy…Women hate Pamela and don’t vote for her because she’s, well, “the amazing Pamela!”

So, PA will have to rely on the guys to vote to keep her in. And, there are probably more guys in the world watching DWS than the super bowl…but they’re not voting.

C’mon guys, keep her on! VOTE for Pamela!

cdoder: It is obvious. I bet 90% of the people who vote are women.

90% of women are jealous of Pam because, even tho she is a surgically altered barbie doll whose sole purpose is to project a slutty, sex kitten image, their husbands and boyfriends still love her.

…or so said my wife.

Do you have anything to add? Do you agree or disagree with what the folks above had to say?

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