danica patrick pose nude espn someday gi Danica Patrick would go nude for ESPN   but not yet

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick might go nude for the ESPN The Magazine’s “body issue.” She just isn’t ready to take it all off yet.

Although she has appeared in many scantily clad photos and TV spots, Patrick hasn’t posed completely naked for a perfectly normal reason — she isn’t sure she would be comfortable doing so. During a press conference on Friday (July 12), Patrick was asked if she would ever pose for ESPN’s “body issue.” The magazine features athletes without clothes posing so that not everything shows.

“I just never felt like that was something I needed or wanted to do,” Patrick explained to reporters. “Would I feel comfortable? I’m sure it’d be a little bit borderline. There’s a difference to me between going to the beach and wearing a swimming suit and going to the beach and wearing nothing or paint. That’s just pushing the limit a little bit.”

That is not to say that ESPN hasn’t asked the race-car driver to pose for them. “When I speak to [ESPN] and they ask me each time I say, ‘Don’t stop asking,'” Patrick revealed. “I don’t know. I might change my mind one year. And it might be something that parallels something else I’m doing, or where I’m at, or how I’m feeling. But just not right now.”

Because she doesn’t feel the need to push her comfort zone with nudity, Danica Patrick is able to note that naked photos aren’t always the most positive thing for a public figure. “I still have to do things that I feel completely comfortable with and I feel wouldn’t take away from the other things I do — the good things that I do,” she said. “Because those things can turn negative quick and be louder than the good and that’s not what I want to happen.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown