daniel franco american idol 320 Daniel Franco: 'Project Runway' reject becomes 'American Idol' rejectDaniel Franco, double “Project Runway” ejectee, has taken up reality show hopping.

“American Idol” got a special visitor on its Los Angeles audition show Tuesday night (Jan. 26) when Franco showed up to pay tribute to Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert.

“If Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle had sex, which is pretty farfetched,” Franco quipped. “I’d be it, pretty much.”

Franco was part a montage that included people who dressed like Lambert as an homage and to be noticed at the auditions. At 38, Franco exceeds the audition age limit of 28, so his presence was obviously a joke. It’s no “Pants on the Ground,” but we’ll take it.

On the first season of “Project Runway,” Franco was ignominiously booted out on the first episode. Undeterred, he pleaded his case and was accepted on the following season of “Project Runway.” After a few highs and lows, he was eliminated in the fourth episode, inspiring his fellow designers Santino Rice and Nick Verreos to compose the impromptu song “Daniel Franco, Where Did You Go?” on the show.

Well, now there’s an answer: Daniel Franco went to “American Idol.”

Did you recognize Daniel Franco? We wonder, after the audition, where did he go?

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