Daniel Radcliffe on The Talk.jpgDaniel Radcliffe is no stranger to being nude in public. Yes, we realize that many of you feel the need to bleach your eyes after reading that sentence. Sorry, but it’s true. The “Harry Potter” star had a well-reviewed run in the play “Equus” where he was in the buff on stage every night. Now he’s playing the role of poet Alan Ginsberg where he’ll perform in his birthday suit.

Radcliffe visited the ladies of “The Talk,” and told them the instructions he got from the director of the film. “No manscaping,” he says with a laugh. “I’m playing a Jew in the 1940’s so there probably wouldn’t have been a great deal of maintenance … I mean a little bit of courtesy maintenance goes on anyway. I’ve always been hairy, so I don’t care.”

Oh dear. He also talks about how he’s not an easy person to love. “I’ve got a busy head and it comes out of my mouth a lot,” he says. “I find that I get very bored of myself. I have to live with myself every day.”

Radcliffe’s new film “Woman in Black” opens Friday, February 3rd.

Posted by:jbusch