daniel radcliffe woman in black premiere Daniel Radcliffe opening 'The Woman in Black'   but doesn't believe in ghosts“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe is about to launch his first theatrical release since the wizarding series wrapped – “The Woman in Black,” a spooky tail about a female spectre who is seen before a child dies. But Radcliffe (pictured above at the “Woman in Black” premiere) tells Bang Showbiz that he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

“I’m not a believer in ghosts, so I find it very unlikely I’ll ever see one,” says Radcliffe. But he does add that what occasionally frightened on set by Liz White (above, left), who plays the title character.

“Other than being occasionally scared by Liz White, who would just sort of sit around in the Woman in Black outfit – I’d just sort of catch a glimpse of her sort of half made up, that was kind of a bit frightening – it was quite a relaxed shoot, actually,” Radcliffe adds.

Radcliffe also talks about how difficult it was honing his acting skills while literally growing up on screen (he started in the “Harry Potter” series at the age of 11).

“Sometimes I really feel like I’m getting the hang of
it, because I never really had a process. My process was mainly that I
hit my marks and I said my lines. So I’m kind of trying to find a
process that allows me to find a sure fire way into a character, if it
doesn’t come easily,” says Radcliffe.

“The Woman in Black” opens nationwide Feb. 3 and trust us, if the movie is as good as the stage production, you’ll be scared.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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