dan rad tonys Daniel Radcliffe wows at Tony Awards: Watch his 'Brotherhood of Men' performanceAfter the extraordinary success of “Harry Potter,” Daniel Radcliffe could have taken some time off. He could have spent obscene amounts of money, dated a bevy of rehab-bound starlets, bought an island and sunk it into the Pacific.

Instead, Radcliffe continues to work, looking for challenging opportunities, as he proved Sunday night at the 65th Annual Tony Awards, where he performed “Brotherhood of Men” with his cast of “How to Succeed in Business,” which he’s been starring in on Broadway.

We knew he could grimace and yell “Expecto Patronum!” and make very convincing PG-13 sex-eyes at Ginny Weasley, but now we know that he’s also capable not only of mastering a great old-timey American accent, but also of singing while dancing his butt off.

Watch the performance below. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie