danielle fishel bikini body Danielle Fishel flaunts bikini body on honeymoon after 'fat' comments

Danielle Fishel is showing the haters she couldn’t care less what they think about her body.

A week after critics bashed her weight at her wedding, the “Boy Meets World” star debuted one seriously amazing bikini body on her honeymoon on Sunday (Oct. 27). Fishel is celebrating her marriage with new husband Tim Belusko in Hawaii (see the pics here).

The outspoken actress, 32, took to Twitter to shame those who were calling her fat. “Ppl saying I was FAT @ my wedding: u r the worst kind of ppl on the PLANET. I weigh 107 pounds & am 5’1″. YOU are the reason anorexia exists,” Fishel tweeted on Oct. 22. “I hope you’ll look at your own miserable lives and learn to stop judging others on their weight and looks. Love and happiness wins again.”

We can’t see how anyone could criticize Fishel for her physique — she looks fantastic.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum