danny bonaduce fan bites Danny Bonaduce: Crazed fan bites 'Partridge Family' star in the faceA fan bit Danny Bonaduce in the face Friday night (Sept. 29) during meet-and-greet at Washington’s Skagit Valley Casino, the former child star tells the Tacoma News Tribune.

“She said, ‘I loved you on “The Partridge Family.” Can I kiss you?'” said Bonaduce, who also hosts a radio show on Seattle’s KZOK.

“I could feel things popping” Bonaduce added, whose visible wound was photographed and measured by police the next day. He is being treated with antibiotics.

Although the woman was promptly arrested, Bonaduce said he will not press charges.
“I told her as she walking away if she was a man I’d….” Bonaduce says a lot of things I can’t put in

Coincidentally, Lindsay Lohan claims she was assaulted Saturday night in her New York City hotel room. Although police arrested her alleged attacker, they reportedly later dropped all charges against him.

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