rucker Darius Rucker talks 'Your Three Words' and Justin Bieber on 'Good Morning America'Hootie Darius Rucker appeared on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, Feb. 16, to promote his new album “Charleston, SC 1966,” which has already scored a No. 1 hit on the Country charts. Rucker made a video for the song “Your Three Words” just for GMA which you can watch here.

So what did Rucker get out of writing the song? “For me, it’s only about getting what you want out of the song, not trying to write a hit or anything. You’re just writing a song that at the end of it, you’re happy about it.”

Rucker also revealed he took his kids to go see — who else? — The Biebs! “We saw Justin Bieber. It was a great show,” he says. “We saw him in Hershey, Pennsylvania and he’s great. It was a great show.” How did his kids handle Bieber’s heartbreaking Grammys loss? “My 15-year-old was realy unhappy about it. I was like, ‘You know, you gotta understand it’s the politics, it’s the way it works.'”

The next family outing? Going to see “the ‘Glee’ cast.” Hey, he’s kind of a hip dad, no?

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