Dylan McDermott is going to be kidnapped in an upcoming episode of "Dark Blue," Jerry Bruckheimer's tense, gritty undercover cop show at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on TNT.

As well as going undercover in the last six episodes, he's gonna get snatched very soon. "This one coming up is a kidnap case. … I get myself kidnapped."

But don't worry. His kidnapping is only temporary. We have a feeling he's either rescued, released or escapes. After all, he's the star.

Dylan actually had to hang out with real undercover cops for this role. And here's what he's learned: "With those guys, it's more about what they hide," Dylan reveals. "They tend to hide a lot because that's what they end up doing most of the time."

Dylan was at the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. Installation Luncheon on Tuesday  to support Film Aid International, an organization that helps young refugees in Africa by exposing them to films and filmmaking.

Video: Elizabeth Snead

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead