dark knight rises tom hardy 03 'Dark Knight Rises' prologue screened for fans: 'Awesome gibberish'A marketing campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises” allowed some determined fans to view the first six minutes of the film on Wednesday. The prologue was screened at IMAX theaters and featured Tom Hardy as Bane, the latest Batman adversary.

While fans seemed to love the footage — they couldn’t understand what Hardy was saying. That said, they still figured that whatever he said… it was “awesome.”

“I loved it. Christopher Nolan just did an ingenious scene, a great action scene, something that will have your jaw drop. It was pretty amazing just watching it on the screen, saying, ‘I never thought that would be possible,'” one fan tells MTV. “Bane’s voice sounded awesome, but you can’t understand what he’s saying. He had about two clear lines you can hear what he’s saying. Otherwise, it just sounded like awesome gibberish. It kind of sounds like Buffalo Bill [from ‘Silence of the Lambs’].”

Another fan adds, “I thought it was really good. It was a lot of action, good opening sequence. You can’t really understand a whole lot of what Bane says, though.”

Do we think Hardy’s muddled accent is an intentional character choice due to that thing on his face, or will it be fixed up in ADR?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie