christian bale dark knight rises 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer: Tom Hardy unmasks Christian BaleYou can pass on that second cup of coffee: “The Dark Knight Rises'” fourth trailer serves up a venti-size cup of adrenalin.

In the latest preview leading up to the inevitable summer blockbuster’s July 20 release, Batman’s (Christian Bale) newest nemesis, Bane (Tom Hardy) is unleashing destruction from the sky — while Gotham City’s jailed defender seems powerless to stop him.

“I’m not afraid,” fumes Bruce Wayne behind bars. “I’m angry.”

But it seems the Caped Crusader has plenty to fear from Bane, who, in their first showdown, addresses him as “Mr. Wayne” before ripping off his mask.

Also making brief appearances in the action-packed clip are Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), posing as Batman’s wife to steal his wheels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt being adorable, a distressed Gary Oldman (and his epic ‘stache) and the ever-reassuring Alfred (Michael Caine).

What do you think of the new trailer? Have you bought your tickets yet?

Posted by:dmoorhouse