glee season 5 darren criss nyc fox Darren Criss: Moving 'Glee' to NYC 'makes sense'In a new interview, “Glee” Season 5 co-star Darren Criss speaks about the show’s move to New York and what’s ahead for Blaine. 

Earlier this week we learned that Ryan Murphy and company are moving “Glee’s” storyline exclusively to New York City for the remainder of the series (which ends after Season 6).
Talking to The Backlot, Criss explains how things are coming together for the big move.

“For some of the characters it makes sense. For Blaine, he’s engaged to somebody who lives in New York and has made plans to go to New York. Artie has applied to schools in Brooklyn, Sam is planning to be a model so there’s some obviousness to that. I hope we don’t completely leave Ohio because I want to see my friends — a very selfish agenda — but who knows? Presumably they do that after they graduate I don’t know if they’ll go right to college or if they’ll pursue working or living in delicious sin in New York.” 

He also suggested that his character could move in with Kurt. “For Blaine, if he moves to New York — and I don’t know if this is going to happen — but I would assume they’re going to live together,” he says. “Call me crazy, but when you get engaged to somebody usually that’s a good idea. So that will present a whole new structure to their relationship, and I’m sure it will create problems and conflict, which those things do and we grow and we learn and all that good character development stuff.”
Criss also spoke about the upcoming 100th episode and reveals he was concerned about redoing classic “Glee” songs. “We’re doing songs that we have done before for the 100th episode, which I was initially a little concerned about because I was thinking ‘I don’t want to be responsible for making a song that was already great bad,'” he says. “I don’t want to have that on my head. But they’re kind of a re-celebration of songs that were popular in the past and we’re doing those with some of the old gang.” 
Glee” returns at the end of February in its new (yet old) time slot: Tuesdays at 8 p.m. beginning February 25.
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