darth vader max Darth Vader commercial kid revealed: Max Page has never seen 'Star Wars'Generally, acting in commercials doesn’t breed much notoriety or fame… unless you’re lucky enough to land a coveted Super Bowl spot. Six-year-old Max Page is the star of the Volkswagen “Darth Vader” commercial we all loved so much. He didn’t even show his face in the commercial, but by Monday morning, he’d already been interviewed by The Today Show. Not bad, kid!

Little Max didn’t have a whole lot to say about his commercial debuting in front of 100 million people, but he was happy to help Meredith Viera lower the window screen — using the force, of course.

Adorable Max, when asked about his previous commercial experience, said, “I’ve done other commercials. A band-aid and, uh… I can’t remember.” Don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks like an annoying old aunt?

Max has also done a Walgreens commercial and had a role on “The Young and The Restless,” which had people asking him for his autograph… but he’s never seen any of the “Star Wars” movies.

He’s quite a survivor – Max was born with a congenital heart defect and has a pacemaker. “I’m okay,” he says.

His Darth Vader commercial has over 15 million views on YouTube alone – not counting the folks who watched it at home or on other video-sharing platforms.

So what have Max’s friends said about his new gig? “They’ve said a lot. Some friends said they can’t see it but they wish they could.”

Watch the commercial again below!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie