darth-vader-wife-pics-gi.jpgFile this one under news of the weird: Darth Vader’s wife found herself on the wrong side of the force on Sept. 20 when a man took a swing at her husband but clocked her instead.

Per the Birmingham Mail, Ikbal Hare was arrested in Walsall, England, for assaulting the wife of Darth Vader — who years ago changed his name from Mark Nokes. Mrs. Vader, who changed her name along with her husband, was caught in the crossfire of a dispute over allegations that Darth was having an affair with Hare’s girlfriend. Hare took a swing at Mr. Vader during the confrontation but missed and struck Mrs. Vader’s cheek.  

Hare then escaped the scene but was tracked down by officers two days later at his girlfriend’s house. On Tuesday (Oct. 17), he pleaded guilty to the assault and was sentenced to 18 months of probation and an anger management course. 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper