Darkdate For the last several weeks, ‘Dating in the Dark‘ has tried to figure out if looks matter. So far, the resounding answer is, absolutely. Did tonight prove differently?

Our singles this week are Dion, a photographer who admits to being a commitment phobe who wants to get married, Leo, a graphic designer who isn’t shy about his uber nerdom (nor should you be!) and Malek, a multilingual music teacher. On the girls side, there is Lisa, a designer who got divorced a year ago, Tanya, an executive assistant who is afraid of rejection (is reality TV really the best place to admit this?) and Tawny, a bartender who describes herself as “crazy”.  Because you really want to put your best foot forward in a blind dating situation.

The Group Date is de rigueur, right down to the pointing and then commenting on how stupid the pointing is. The Snoop this week is getting to see each other’s cars. They attempt to blur the badging on the cars, but really….a BMW is a BMW. And Dion and Tanya both drive them. Apparently executive assistants and photographers do pretty well for themselves. Dion’s car is clean and filled with camera equipment, Leo’s car has a Ghostbuster proton pack and goggles (making him awesome) and Malek has a cupholder full of condoms. Lisa has gum, mints and workout pants (which the guys check the size on, joyous with the “Small” label), Tanya has a journal filled with poems and Tawny has cigarettes and go-go boots.

They get to the Invite Dates, with Dion and Lisa wanting to see each other. They hold hands and talk about wanting to see the world. Malek and Tanya talk about the condoms in his car and he says at least he’s safe. Leo and Tanya have an awkward date where he asks if she’s a good kisser, clearly fishing for some action that never comes. Because she looks too horrified to want to kiss anyone.Tawny invites Leo and they slow dance. Because she’s CRAZY!

The Compatibility Dates fail miserably for the first time. They match Tawny and Dion, which doesn’t work because she won’t stop talking about how much she intimidates men. Then there’s Malek and Lisa, which don’t work because he believes she’s afraid of anything foreign. Which makes it sound like Tawny and Malek would do well with each other. Lastly, there’s Tanya and Leo which ends with her telling him that she is just “not feeling it”.

Thus, for the next Invite Dates, they go back to their own internal locus. Dion and Lisa both have fathers who died when they were kids and are very close to their families. Tawny and Leo, having nothing else, go back to dance moves and awkwardness. Tanya and Malek talk about music and culture. They get another date – which seems pointless and like it should have been combined with the previous dates. Seriously, this show needs to be edited down.

Anyway, Lisa asks Dion how he would feel if she were unattractive and he admits it would change his feelings. And then they kiss. Tanya tells Malek to say somethingaomantic (romance, on demand!), so he tells her she’s beautiful inside and out in Arabic. Platitudes always translate well.  Tawny brings shots to Leo but it does nothing to improve the situation. They bring out the sketch artists and this segment needs to just die. They are giving visual artists the world over a bad name.

When it comes time for the Reveals, there is one surprise. But first, Dion sees Lisa and seems thrilled while she seems nervous about the whole ordeal. Tawny cries (she’s CRAZY!) about not wanting to lead Leo on, so she leaves. Which means Leo gets the lights coming up on a wall.  Meanwhile, Tanya announces that at this point, it hardly matters what Malek looks like, unless he’s “completely tragic”. But when the lights come one, a receding hairline and fashionable scarf are tragic enough because she abandons him on the balcony. The only couple that decides to actually meet is Lisa and Dion who immediately start planning their next date. Which might also be tragic – what are your thoughts?

Posted by:Jessica Paff