Darkdate Tonight, ‘Dating in the Dark‘ asked again if looks personality overcomes appearance or do breasts conquer all?

Of course, breast size and personality are subjective preferences. But there’s nothing like reality TV to illustrate that the preferences of some make them jerks. I’m looking at you, Doug. But we’ll get there in a moment.

The show begins with the Group Date. The producers feel the need to elucidate the audience on what the experience of darkness is by showing a black screen and titling it “This is what they see.” Thanks for clearing that up, guys. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my TV what with the night vision camera stylings. I’m instantly charmed by how Lindsey recognizes that it was pointless for her to wave at the guys as she introduces herself. But the group date offers little else in the way of insight.

Instead of switching shirts this week, they are allowed to invade each other luggage. Doug instantly begins checking out bra sizer. His parent’s must be proud of the charming man they’ve raised. He’s all class. The girls are mystified by Jason’s flat iron. Apparently they don;t have metrosexuals where they are from. The initial dates leave Doug out in the cold as both Chrystee and Lindsey chose Jason. Doug picks Lindsey and holds her hand through the whole date. In fact, there’s a long of exploratory touching of hair and faces. Except Chrystee, who espouses her faith to a disinterested Jason.

The Compatibility Partners end up being the remainder of the show. Megan and Matt attempt indoor surfing, which is more an excuse to Matt to feel how fit Megan is. When he tells the guys she’s a thicker girl, Doug asks if that’s a deal breaker and seems shocked when Matt can’t give him a straight answer. This will become important later. Chrystee and Jason wrestle over a football, which he prefers to the Jesus talk. Doug brings melted chocolate and instructs Lindsey to put it on the places of her body she wants kissed. It strikes me as deeply creepy, but she goes with it. Even though in the dark, they can’t find the chocolate with much accuracy.

The Final Dates are planned so that the guys cook dinner and the girls give the guys massages. Lindsey and Doug hit it out of the ballpark over hotdogs (see what I did there?) while Matt and Megan exchange good natured sarcastic barbs. But when it comes time for Megan to give him a massage, I am appalled by the amount of oil she uses on him. Is she planning on cooking chicken on his back? Chrystee brings God as her co-pilot/wingman as Jason tunes her out. Gosh, I wonder how that will work out?

The Reveals are telling, as all the girls fairly beam after seeing what the guys look like, returning and telling each other how handsome or what a great smile the guys had. On the other hand, Jason looks disappointed, Doug looks relieved and Matt just looks away. They all complain, as Matt says Megan’s size is off putting, Doug is dismayed my Lindsey’s blemished skin and Jason admits Chrystee is pretty but the Jesus bit is more than he feels ready for. In the final scenes, Doug comes to the balcony for Lindsey, despite her acne. Matt joins Megan, despite her thickness. And Jason books out the front door to avoid Chrystee and her religion. Which is especially sad as she forlornly stars at the thank you letter she had written for him.

I think perhaps this show is trying to pack too many segments in too short a time. I think they could skip the initial date between the group and compatibility dates. I am also not sure that some of the people showing up for the final balcony moments are really honestly there – or just trying not to look like shallow fools on national TV. What say you, fellow watchers?

Posted by:Jessica Paff