dating naked 103 video spear fishing vh1 'Dating Naked' episode 3 videos: Spear fishing, innuendo and nudity

“Dating Naked” may just manage to get crazier every single week. For episode 3 of the current Season 1, for example, the VH1 series managed to send its contestants spear-fishing, skinny-dipping and more.

Watch some of the highlights in the videos below.

There was spear-fishing in the episode. If you don’t think of spear-fishing as a sexual thing, you really need to watch this clip.

It’s not a shock when nakedness brings up some awkward conversations. But love and romance are particularly tough topics when there are no clothes on.

Skinny-dipping may not seem that crazy, but that’s only because most skinny-dipping doesn’t involve Katie.

“Dating Naked” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

Posted by:Laurel Brown