dating naked 110 wedding 'Dating Naked' Season 1 finale: Naked love blossoms and withers

One might think that a wedding episode of “Dating Naked” would be dedicated to the naked preparation of said wedding. After all, it’s like Ashley says: “being naked in the ceremony allows the interconnectedness to flourish a lot more than when you’re clothed during the ceremony.”

Instead, it’s more like a “greatest hits” episode of “Dating Naked,” with a reminder of all the naked daters who have graced our screens with their presence.

That’s just what happens when your family and friends refuse participate in a naked wedding.

There’s naked yoga (which turns into a giggle fest — check out the clip below), naked drum circling, naked spin the bottle. In a way, it’s naked utopia.

But while Ashley and Alika’s (from episode 6) love is growing, naked attendees Marissa and Steven’s (From episode 2) love seems to be crumbling apart with every passing second. Maybe it’s because Marissa can’t even stand to be around Steven. Check out some of her best commentary:

“These weird little one liner jokes … Why am I standing by you? I’m really annoyed.”

“I feel like Steven has lost his mind right now. It’s like, ‘dude, you’re really annoying’.”

“Can you just be a little normal? Not hard.”

Snark has two sides of the story though. Steven is equally tired of Marissa being tired of him:

“She’s nagging me. She’s correcting me. She’s trying to make me something she wants me to be.”

“She’s more of a mother than a girlfriend at times.”

By the end of the episode, there’s a mutual break-up from those two, just in time for another love to grow when Joe asks Wee Wee (from episode 1) to move in with him.

Aren’t naked weddings the best?

So, do you think Joe and Wee Wee will be the next naked wedding? Also, how did Marissa and Steven not break up sooner? 

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson