As Jennifer Aniston turns 40, she sure looks good, but her dating options are dwindling. Or at least that's what Patti Stanger, Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker claims is the sad truth when it comes to the youth-worshiping Hollywood mindset.

"Well, it's not easy. Where do you go from Brad Pitt? Who do you go to? Is John Mayer the Holy Grail? I don't think so," Stanger tells Zap2it. "You've got a hard situation here. You either date off the radar and date someone behind the scenes in business so that people can look at it in a different light or you've got to go up to the next big daddy on the street, the next celebrity. And that's hard to trade up."

The matchmaker points to the first millionairess she features on her show this season, Heidi Cornell, who is gorgeous, fit, rich … and over 40. Finding a marriage-minded man who was interested in dating her was difficult because a) they assumed she was past child-bearing age and b) they had to be almost equally as successful financially or else they'd have a complex about her significantly larger income.

"It's sad because in any state in the nation, like if you deal with the Midwest states, they would fall madly in love with [Heidi]," laments Stanger. "They wouldn't care about her being over 40. But in LA, it's Logan's Run, you know where you're dead at 30? Well, you're dead at 40 here.

"You know, all these actresses are turning 40 this year, like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. Are we going to be able to say, 'Oh god, Jennifer Aniston is 40. Who would want her?' I mean, it's pathetic, right?"

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On Stanger's show, she also has to "diagnose" the millionaire's personal dating issues that stand in the way of their finding the perfect match. All too often, it's the millionaire who is attracted to the wrong type or who is unrealistically picky.

In Cornell's case, she's attracted to the bad boy.

"That's something I tried to curb her of, even off camera I did that," says Stanger. "The worst the guy is, the more she's attracted to him. And that's something that most women today need to get rid of early on, not at 40. You need to learn like at 30."

But men aren't the only ones who can be ageist when it comes to dating in Hollywood. Stanger's second millionairess featured also likes them young.

"We would have major knock-down drag-out fights," reveals Stanger. "She was just like, 'I want Ashton Kutcher,' and I was like, 'Listen, you're 40-something years old. Ashton Kutcher is not on every street corner. You're going to have to get over this.'"

The Millionaire Matchmaker premieres its second season on Bravo on Thursday, Feb. 12.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen