Thanks to Dave Stewart, sex toys are coming out of the bedside table.
The award winning musician/songwriter/producer showed up Sunday for the opening of Coco de Mer, a high-end London ‘sensuality shop’ he’s invested in, conveniently located on Melrose in West Hollywood.

And he got by with a little help from his friends, former Beatle Ringo Starr and Deepak Chopra, author/spiritual advisor/maharishi of merchandising.

Inside the burgundy velvet-smothered shop, reminiscent of an 18th century bordello, created by co=owners/sisters Sam and Justine Roddick, were curiousity seekers including Living Thing rockers Eve Berlin and Cory Becker, Monty Python’s Eric Idle, Debbie Mazur, Starr’s wife Barbara Bach, George Harrison’s widow Olivia Harrison, photog Greg Gorman, Richard Schiff ("West Wing") and his pole/dancing enthusiast wife Sheila Kelley and former Mistress of the Hollywood Night Amanda Demme.

The sex shop offers a very high-end array of exclusive lingerie, toys, essential oils, masks, jewelry, masks, candles shaped like you-know-whats, couture dresses, and leather designed by Alexander McQueen.

Coco already has celeb fans who frequent the Convent Gardens location in London. So who shops for props?

]]>Davestewar_weeks_11670796_600_1Don’t ask. The Roddicks are nothing if not discreet, which is key, given their naughty-but-nice merchandise.

But anything goes at a party which explains why Lily Tomlin sucked cake pink frosting off her finger and Michael des Barres juggled Ben Wah balls to the delight of his female companions.

"I have used every product in this shop," Stewart told his guests gathered on the pink lantern-lit patio. "No, seriously, and its all non-carcinogenic." The he grabbed his guitar and began playing “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” while a blonde burlesque dancer shimmied around  him seductively.

"Dave and I have been friends for 15 years, done many projects together and he has gotten me into many scrapes but this is definitely the biggest," admitted a smiling Chopra, who once wrote a piece for Playboy entitled "Does God have Orgasms?"

To a rapt audience, Chopra explained sexual pleasure as a creative, powerful force of nature and one that is essential to achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Spirituality with sleep-overs. Wow. Now that’s hot.

Photo Credits: Deepak, Ringo and Dave try a threesome at the opening of WeHo’s Coco de Mer
Chris Weeks/WireImage
Photo Credits: Just call him Dave Stewart, the Sultan of Strip.
Chris Weeks/WireImage

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