David-Arquette-and-Kym-Johnson-elimination-dance-DWTS-cropped.jpgFor the record, we are not OK with David Arquette‘s elimination from “Dancing With the Stars” last night. Sure, we know how it all works. Audience votes have kept Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy on the show long after she should have been booted off. Still, it rankles a bit.

Arquette has improved week to week and has clearly kept the other contestants in good spirits. Everyone was sorry to see him go. Well, maybe not Hope and Nancy Grace, who was in the bottom two last night and faced elimination along with Arquette.

Zap2it was backstage at Tuesday’s (Nov. 1) results show and got a chance to chat with Arquette and his partner Kym Johnson about the elimination (which they took in stride), whether or not his buddy Paul Reubens or estranged wife Courteney Cox would compete and the possibility of Broadway.

Arquette was his usual chipper self, even right after his elimination, saying that it was his show, referring to the now famous line from Maks. Chmekovskiy didn’t mind at all. “Maks was very cool,” he says. “He was like, you did a great job, you should be
very proud … I’ve learned a lot, I’ve had a great experience and it’s
brought a lot of joy into my life. I got to entertain a lot of people
and people got to know me. That’s what I came here to do.”

There have been reports saying that Arquette’s pal Reubens might take the stage next season. Arquette isn’t sure, “but if anybody ever asks me I would totally encourage them to do it.
It’s a lot, a really hard challenging thing, but you learn a lot
and it’s been a really positive experience.” He’s less sold about the idea of Cox becoming a contestant, saying it would “be too much” for her.

Arquette is also excited by the idea of doing Broadway. “When you have time to actually rehearse something for more than four days, you can really nail things and you can have more confidence,” he says.

So what is he going to do now that he’s off the show? Take daughter Coco to school and “occupy Wall Street.” Aw David, we’ll miss you!

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