david beckham cries friends the office gi David Beckham cries over 'Friends,' 'The Office' and Disney moviesIt turns out soccer stud David Beckham is a total softy at heart. The tattooed bad boy admits in an interview with the UK’s Daily Star that he tears up watching Disney films. 

“I’m kind of an emotional wreck with movies,” Becks says. “I can’t get through some without shedding a tear — I can’t lie. Especially Aladdin.” Aww …

But it’s not just those high-flying, heart-soaring emotional “A Whole New World” type of moments that tug at the 38-year-old father of four’s heartstrings. “I’m the same when I’m watching ‘The Office’ or ‘Friends,'” Beckham says. “I just can’t get through it.” 
Really? Sitcoms??
OK, OK. No one here is going to try to pretend they didn’t tear up when Ross first kissed Rachel or when Michael Scott said goodbye to Jim. And you know what, now that we mention it … Let’s go back there together, shall we?
Ross kisses Rachel:

Michael tells Jim goodbye:

That’s right — you cried just a little, didn’t you? Because you have a soul. Just like the soccer playing, underwear modeling, Posh Spice marrying, philanthropic specimen that is David Beckham. Good for you.
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