David Beckham debuted his new commercial on YouTube for the Coty fragrance, David Beckham Classic. Set against a bluesy music track that would sound at home backing a burlesque dancer, Becks enters a rather luxurious closet and pulls his T-shirt over his head before staring down his sculpted and tattooed torso in a full-length mirror.
A tailor or butler comes up behind the retired soccer star as David continues to give himself the up-and-down, before slipping into a crisp white dress shirt and some cufflinks. The aforementioned companion helps Beckham into a sport coat, offering a full reveal of the look, as he asks, “Can I be of further assistance, sir?” 
As Becks finishes intensely admiring himself, he grabs a bottle of Classic from his bag and replies, “I have all I need.” He spritzes his neck twice with the fragrance, and a voice-over advises, “Revise your classics.”
Alright, we’re sold. Out with the Hugo Boss, and in with David Beckham Classic.
Posted by:mchance