David-Blaine-electrified.jpgTo call David Blaine a street magician at this point is a major oversimplification — he’s also a daredevil, an illusionist, and an all-around crazy lunatic. He’s been buried alive, frozen in a block of ice, submerged underwater for eight days, starved for 44 days — the list goes on. He now has a daughter, so his latest stunt is considerably less dangerous than previous displays.

On Tuesday, Blaine announced that beginning Friday, he’ll perform a stunt called “Electrified,” in which he’ll stand for three days and three nights surrounded by tesla coils carrying a million volts of electric current. The feat, which he’s calling “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On,” will be streamed live online.

He’ll be wearing a chainmail suit that conducts electricity, which will protect him. He won’t eat, but he’ll have a tube to drink water, as well as a catheter. If he is electrocuted, the coils will be immediately shut down, and there will be a pole in place so he can’t be thrown to the ground by a charge — all precautions taken because he’s now a father.

During his press conference, he said his biggest fear is that he’ll hallucinate from lack of sleep, and accidentally rub his eyes or scratch an itch — which would electrocute him. Additionally, fans will be able to manage the voltage online, play music in his ears, and shoot orbs of electricity at him. Seriously.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie