david bowie says drugs almost took my life away David Bowie says 'drugs had taken my life away'David Bowie recently celebrated his 66th birthday with the release of a new single, and promise of a new album. Suddenly back in the public eye, Bowie spoke to The Sun to discuss the early years of his career and how drugs almost destroyed him.

Bowie recalls when he first realized he wanted to be a musician, saying, “Ever since I was eight, when I was given ‘She’s Got It’ by Little Richard, I said: ‘I want to do that and want to be just as exciting as him.'”

In the early years of his career Bowie would battle depression if things weren’t going well, saying, “It never occurred to me that I could do anything other than succeed at some point.”

He also recalls living in a commune to save money, as well as driving to gigs in his tiny Fiat. “I remember one London gig in which I played to a group of skinheads, who just threw burning cigarettes at me,” Bowie recalls, “I thought: ‘That’s it. My career is over.'”

After coming to America, the singer found himself living in Los Angeles at 28-years-old. “Drugs had taken my life away from me,” Bowie says, “I felt as though I would probably die and it was going to be all over.” Bowie credits his assistant, Coco, for getting him out of that life. “Best advice, which I wish I had known at 18? Don’t do drugs.”

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