Davidcaruso "CSI: Miami" star David Caruso has lots of problems, and one of them is Billy Dee Williams, or at least that's what his ex is claiming.

Liza Marquez, the actor's former girlfriend and mother of his children, sued Caruso Thursday (April 9) for fraud, breach of contract/settlement agreement, domestic abuse and intentional infliction of emotional distress, reports RadarOnline.com.

Marquez, who was dumped while she was pregnant with his second child, has a laundry list of bones to pick with him. Some of the allegations are fairly straightforward: She claims that he owes her $1 million after promising to provide for her and that he was physically abusive when she was pregnant.

Lando Falling into the so-bizarre-we-hope-it's-true category are allegations that he accused her of wanting to sleep with "Star Wars" actor Billy Dee Williams, that he once berated her for four hours about her "cheating," that he had a huge stash of 1970s porn squirreled away in his bedroom, that he upset her so much that she vomited, and that he went around telling folks that she was mentally ill.

Let's hope Caruso retaliates and addresses each point.

The legal combatants have two children together: son Marquez Anthony, 3, and Paloma Raquel, 17 months.

Do you believe Caruso is capable of those things? What does he have against Billy Dee Williams?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen