david cassidy celebrity apprentice David Cassidy on 'Glee,' daughter Katie and 'Celebrity Apprentice's'  Beast ly securityDavid Cassidy knows it’s good to have protection.

The “Partridge Family” icon needed some — in the form of security, while he fulfilled tasks on the streets of New York — in taping the new season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” which NBC begins airing Sunday, March 6. While competing for Donald Trump‘s favor alongside other personalities from Oscar winner Marlee Matlin to baseball’s Jose Canseco, Cassidy had the necessary muscle.

“We each had our own security person,” he tells Zap2it, “and the guy they hired for me is an amazing person who has his own security company. He’s all about, ‘I’ll control the situation not by kicking your a**, but with love and respect,’ And his name is ‘Beast.’

“He’s 6’9” and really ripped, and he looks like a very large version of a linebacker like [Baltimore Ravens’] Ray Lewis. He’s a fantastic human being who goes to major cities and works live events, and all the people who work for him wear T-shirts that say, ‘Keeping the Peace.’ He’s soft-spoken and sensitive, but when you see him, you understand that you don’t want to cause trouble around him.”

The subject of Allison Pearson‘s new novel “I Think I Love You,” about a  Cassidy fan over the years, the singer-actor himself would be pleased for FOX’s “Glee” to use some of his music … dating back to such “Partridge” hits as “I Think I Love You” and “I Woke Up in Love This Morning.”

“I’d be thrilled,” Cassidy says. “I love the show; everybody loves it. It’s smart, and there’s real talent there. I mean, witness what [Lea Michele] did at the Super Bowl the other day. That was flawless. I’d be honored and humbled to do something with them.”

Cassidy also is hugely proud of actress daughter Katie Cassidy, a CW alum who joins another CW star — Leighton Meester (“Gossip Girl”) — in this summer’s movie “Monte Carlo.” Calling Katie “very talented and very dedicated,” Cassidy reflects, “The one thing I hope and believe I’ve given her, and she has acknowledged that I have, is the foundation for a successful career. Whatever your career choice, if you do good work, everything else comes.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin