"American Idol" contestant David Cook was rushed to an L.A. hospital after last night’s show. He was experiencing stress-related heart palpitations. He was later released with a prescription for medication to lower his blood pressure.

Despite feeling light-headed, Cook went on with the show and was taken to the hospital after his performance of "Little Sparrow" to be checked out for high blood pressure and anxiety.

Hey, who wouldn’t be anxious?

He’s currently back at the L.A.-area hotel where the "Idol" contestants are staying this season. "He is fine and not at the hospital," another show insider told E!.

Insiders add that another factor adding to his anxiety may have been news about his brother, who is fighting cancer.

This morning, Ryan Seacrest told KIIS-FM listeners, "I don’t know what he was stressed about. He said yesterday that his blood pressure was high and he wanted to get checked out after the show."

Oh, but David wasn’t the only brave soldier last night. Ryan hurt his knee when he bashed his leg against the metal railings while running across the set. And he also stayed at his host post.

Seacrest told listeners this morning, "That’s gonna leave a mark!"

(Photo courtesy Fox)

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead